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Explanation of the Decree of Uniting Our Parishes


See, I am doing something new!

Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

Isaiah 43:19


May 29, 2020


Dear St. Anastasia Parishioners,

We have received the decree signed by Cardinal Cupich, which you can read by clicking here. A decree is a pronouncement or document that formalizes a decision within the Church. In this case, the decree included here concerns the decision for our parishes to unite as a new parish after our grouping’s Renew My Church discernment.

The decree states that St. Dismas and St. Anastasia will form a new parish on July 1. The decree states the new parish will have an ad interim name. This means that the parish will be called Ss. Dismas and Anastasia Parish until we propose a new name to Cardinal Cupich for his consideration and approval. 

When you read the decree, you will notice the decree states that both St. Dismas and St. Anastasia will be churches of the new parish, and St. Dismas Church will be the parish church of the new parish. A couple of notes on this:

In canon law, the designation ‘parish church’ simply means the church where the sacramental records will be kept. In our case, this means St. Dismas is where the sacramental records of the new parish, as well as the past sacramental records of each of St. Dismas and St. Anastasia will be maintained. For the current time, each parish’s records will remain at their current locations, and we will update everyone when the records are fully brought together at the office on the St. Dismas campus.

Second, the decree states that both of the churches of St. Dismas and St. Anastasia will be churches of the new parish. As you recall, the February decision announced both of our churches will continue to have regularly scheduled Mass. Additionally, we learned Cardinal Cupich asked the new parish’s leadership to submit a formal evaluation each year with a final determination within three years regarding whether to continue to operate at two campuses will best support our new parish’s mission and ministry or if focusing the parish at one campus will more effectively foster unity, steward parish resources, and grow mission outreach. That request of Cardinal Cupich still remains, though it is not an element addressed in the decree.

Third, as was stated previously, St. Anastasia School will serve as the parish school.

Regarding the name of the new parish, there will be a process to include everyone. We will keep you updated on the timeline of when this process to consider a parish name will begin.

Until then, let us hold fast to the Lord’s promise that He is with us always, and trust in the fact that He is at work in a special way within our faith community and is creating something new for all of us. 

Certainly, the process of renewal is an emotional one. For many of us, it is a time of significant change. So, let us also keep each other and our neighbors in prayer as we continue our journey forward.


In God’s Peace,

Fr. Dennis